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Back-Breaking Fun

Monday, December 23rd, 2002 · 1 Comment

I returned from Tahoe this afternoon following 2 days of solo skiing. I skied both days at Sierra and got a dope deal at the stateline Travelodge: $29.99 for the night.

This trip marked the first that I got to break in all my new ski equipment and rack. The skis kicked ass. The poles were too short, but luckily are adjustable, so a quick stop at the mountain’s repair shop yesterday fixed that. Either the boots haven’t yet broken in or they’re just not comfortable. They’re Salomon Performa Sensifit 6.0, and apparently they look like the 9.0s, since at least a couple people asked me if that’s what they were. I didn’t know a whole lot about boots before I bought these. I’m actually a better skier than my boots allow me to be. Apparently they’re just intermediate skier boots. Being an expert, I should’ve bought a stiffer boot. Like I always say, though, I love to ski, but hate everything that surrounds skiing (all the hoopla, getting to the mountain, people who are all talk, knowing the gear, etc.). I don’t know the gear. I did research my skis, but not my boots. Now I know better.

But I digress. Sunday was awesome fun on the mountain. I skied everything Sierra has to offer, which isn’t a whole lot. I hadn’t been there in years, so I forgot how small it was. Overall, it’s a pretty easy mountain to ski — there aren’t really any chutes or steep ‘n deep that I could find. I did have a good time, though — until this morning while skiing some powdered moguls.

My shins were already hurting from my boots. I was cold and tired and was hoping to get in at least a few hours of skiing before heading out. Then I took a bad turn or landed wrong or something. However it happened, my left lower back started to kill. (And it continues to hurt like hell.) Ski Patrol wouldn’t do anything for me besides offer to strap me in a gurney, throw me in an ambulance, and drive me to the hospital. My back wasn’t that bad. It was just my recurring pain flared up. Now I just have to hope the pain subsides in the next couple weeks before hitting the slopes again.

I hope sitting on a plane across the country tomorrow doesn’t make it worse.

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  • 1 Peter A_nderson // Dec 24, 2002 at 10:24 am

    Great depiction of the solo ski day, Gabe! But I really worry about your back — I pray it gets better….Merry Xmas to you and jen and her family! Love…..Dad