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Whitest Christmas Ever

Wednesday, December 25th, 2002 · 1 Comment

Merry Christmas from snow-covered Upstate New York. Jen, Daisy May, and I just got back inside after romping around in a foot or two of fresh powder. It’s so beautiful. And romping in it is so much fun. Daisy was obsessed with tunneling into the snow, being the Siberian Husky that she is.

We’re right in the middle of a Nor’easter storm — where the rains from the Carolinas head north and meet the cold coming down from Canada right smack on top of the Northeast — on Christmas night. Jen, her parents, and I were the only ones who showed up at Jen’s grandparents’ house in Claverack today since everyone else was farther away and didn’t want to risk getting stuck in the snow. But we managed to get home before the roads were completely buried — and the minivan only slid around the road once.

After a night of playing games, which included Set, Hearts, and Scategories in an ongoing attempt to ease Jen’s cabin fever, I’m now making Jen hang out on a chair with nothing to read in the basement with me while I write this blog entry in XP’s Notepad, since AOL sucks and will not start. Later, whenever I can get AOL to work again, I will post this entry with appropriate date/time stamp.

Now Jen is laughing at me because I put every thought into my blog for the world to read. She accuses me of not editing. Little does she know that I need no stinking editing. I do occasionally go back and read over what I’ve written, as I’m sure I will do with this entry when I add some links to the games we played.

I sure do love the snow.

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  • 1 Dave Reed // Dec 26, 2002 at 11:32 pm

    Keep on putting your every thought in here! It’s not like you tell us rather intimate, and fairly inappropriate, things on here. _Then_ Jen would have cause to worry. 😛