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Free Money (Sort Of)

Friday, January 3rd, 2003 · No Comments

I will have 50 bucks arriving in the mail in about a month. How cool is that? My Dad got a message today from the Treasure Island Marina, where back in 1999 I had wild dreams about one day having a boat and a slip. The woman wasn’t able to reach me at my old number (since it no longer exists), and luckily I had put my Dad down as a contact. She wanted to find out if I’d still be interested in being on the list.

I think the dream of boat and slip ownership will have to wait until I can actually afford it. Nearly two grand in monthly rent, car, and insurance payments alone is enough to keep me busy these days. So I asked for my deposit back. The cool thing is that I had forgotten all about it. (And she was kind enough to agree to giving it back, even though it was apparently supposed to be non-refundable.)

Hmm…what other deposits have I left for things in the past but never claimed? 50 bucks a day wouldn’t be a bad supplemental income. A new project?

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