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Man to Decide Women’s Rights (What’s New?)

Friday, January 3rd, 2003 · No Comments

In the latest example of white men oppressing women, some jerk by the name of W. David Hager (hmm…is the “W” in his name merely a coincidence?) has been appointed to an FDA panel on women’s health. What’s wrong with this picture? Here are some hints:

1) He believes that “specific scripture readings and prayers” can “fix” headaches and PMS. Riiiight.
2) He’s anti-abortion.
3) He’s anti-birth control pill.
4) He’s anti-abortion.
5) He’s a man on a women’s health panel.

What the fuck is wrong with this world?? Oh yeah: George W. Bush and his posse of 70-year-old Stupid White Men.

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