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Site Updates

Wednesday, January 15th, 2003 · No Comments

I implemented a number of new site features today. The newest section on the site is the guestbook, where you can peruse entries or add your own. Please feel free to leave a mesage.

The next cool thing I’ve done is implemented a dynamic site navigation, which will make the addition of future content sections quite easy. What does that mean, you ask? Rather than having to create a use case for each content area of my site to make that link bold and non-clickable depending on which area of my site you’re viewing, I am now pulling all the category names dynamically from my database and automatically bolding and making non-clickable the name of the site category you’re viewing. So rather than modifying a huge page of conditionals every time I want to add a new content area to the site, I simply add a row to the database, assign it an ordinal (to determine the display order), then tell my navigation template that there’s a new categoryID to include in the site. And the logic does the rest while navigating throughout the site. Fun stuff.

The final tweaks I launched today are dynamic title bar display and some slight changes to the subhead of various content areas (for example, my contact page no longer says “the contact of Gabe” but “how to contact Gabe”).

Subtle changes, yes, but fun for me. Enjoy!

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