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America’s Gone Mad

Thursday, January 16th, 2003 · 1 Comment

The UK’s Times Online has an excellent commentary about how America’s gone mad. It covers a lot of the standard stuff — American people who supposedly support a war against Iraq, the biased media portrayal, Bush’s and his Cabinet’s intimate connection with the oil industry — as well as the good point that Bush has succeeded in manipulating the media and the American people into shifting blame of 9/11 from Osama to Hussein. Here’s an excerpt from the commentary that I like (which touches on Bush’s inability to see the Grey in anything):

    To be a member of the team you must also believe in Absolute Good and Absolute Evil, and Bush, with a lot of help from his friends, family and God, is there to tell us which is which. What Bush won’t tell us is the truth about why we’re going to war. What is at stake is not an Axis of Evil — but oil, money and people’s lives. Saddam’s misfortune is to sit on the second biggest oilfield in the world. Bush wants it, and who helps him get it will receive a piece of the cake. And who doesn’t, won’t.

Come on Bush, why do you want to kill people? I know it’s the oil and that Saddam tried to kill your Daddy, but why don’t you concentrate on the fact that the American economy sucks, the jobless rate is quite high, and you keep making the rich richer with your absurd tax cuts that don’t help the middle class or the poor. Oh yeah, and all the while, none of us can breathe because you won’t force carmakers to make vehicles more environmentally friendly.

(Thanks, Shannon, for the link.)

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  • 1 Peter A_nderson // Jan 16, 2003 at 1:58 pm

    Excellent, compelling article, Gabe — thanks for making it available to the masses……Is the author, LeCarre, the spy novelist?