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Monday, January 20th, 2003 · No Comments

Tonight I stumbled across what you might call a collective blog, LazyWeb. The site is a blog. But it does not belong to just one person; it belongs to many. Those who blog contribute to it. I’ve already contributed to it with my last post about the anti-war protest photos. You see, as you’re blogging your post, you simply ping the below URL, LazyWeb takes an excerpt from your post, adds a link, and voila! Your post is now in front of however many people stumble across LazyWeb or look at it on any kind of regular basis, as I now intend to do (I’ve added it to my favorites).

TrackBack URL to ping to post to LazyWeb:

The concept is not unlike two other sites I already ping on a regular basis (with every post) — and The difference, however, is that these two sites list simply the title of recently updated blogs — and are thus designed to have folks ping them with every single post.

LazyWeb, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily designed to be pinged with every post (though I did consider briefly configuring MT to do just that, but decided against it — for now, anyway). Rather, it’s designed to be pinged with individual entries that you want lots of folks to read. Unlike and, LazyWeb displays a snippet of each post that is added to it, creating a virtual, collective blog.

Good stuff.

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