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Happy Hour at Yancy’s Saloon

Thursday, February 13th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Toward the end of a really fun night out last night with a bunch of friends at Yancy’s Saloon on Irving (2nd party night this week!), Ben and I had an interesting encounter with some folks who were determined to push us off our comfy couch. Below is an excerpt from an IM conversation I had this morning conveying the story (friend’s name and comments taken out to protect her anonymity):

    Gabe: oh! after you guys all left ben and i were chilling on that couch just looking all around the bar – very chill – and jen and jess were playing ms pac-man….

    Gabe: so then these 2 chicks come over and ask if they can sit down in our little area….we say no problem. they sit down, then they’re just sort of sitting there, not saying a word….

    Gabe: so then ben and i get all uncomfortable – like they’re waiting for us to hit on them or something! …..

    Gabe: then a 3rd chick comes and still silence…ben and i are still chilliin’ out..
    Gabe: then suddenly about 5 more people come and they’re totally trying to push us out of our little area!! when the rest of the bar is virtually empty!

    Gabe: then chick #1 offers OUR couch space to her guyfriends (“you guys don’t mind sharing, do you??”). he doesn’t sit down…

    Gabe: but then she says something about how we look cute on the couch with the big heart on the wall above us!! so now she thinks we’re gay….
    Gabe: then jen and jess come to our rescue and sit on the couch with us. the crowd clears out when they realize we’re not going anywhere!!
    Gabe: it was sooo obnoxious!!

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  • 1 ben // Feb 13, 2003 at 3:40 pm

    Damn those people were weird. So totally weird. Their destruction will be a great thing. Must tell Bush to gets his troops suited up because I’m sure those chicks totally had some weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Oooh, I so dislike rude people.

  • 2 Sean Conolly // Aug 27, 2004 at 5:16 pm

    YANCY’S SUCKS! – Service is the absolute worst. You pay tourist prices for warm beers and lazily made drinks. You practically have to light a fire to get a bartender’s attention in that place. The idiot blonde that was serving us cared more about her idiot conversation than about serving her customers, and then gave us attitude and wrong change on top of it!! I went with a group of about 10 people, and we all agree: The WORST bar experience ever. Besides this, A friend told me that he’s seen bartenders use glasses directly from tables WITHOUT WASHING, and that he’s seen homeless people ALLOWED IN THE BAR!! I’m just sorry there isn’t a score lower than a 1/2. Whoever you are, sell that bar to someone who knows how to run one! Whoever gave THIS place 5 stars must be one of the homeless customers!