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Google Acquires Pyra Labs’ Blogger

Tuesday, February 18th, 2003 · No Comments

Google‘s announcement over the weekend to acquire Blogger is big and exciting news in the world of blogging. I think it’s a good thing and will look forward to what’s to come. Perhaps the next step is an MT acquisition — or deeper integration? I’m sure that MT’s user base is smaller than Blogger’s simply because it’s more complex to install and use, but that also equals more advanced users (generally, anyway). Plus, MT is so much better and solid than Blogger.

Regardless, it’s very cool news. Here’s one commentary about the purchase:

SearchDay – Puzzling Out Google’s Blogger Acquisition – 18 February 2003

And the Google Weblog has a good collection of links about it:

Google + Blogger = ? (Google Weblog)

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