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Cherokee Hair Tampons

Wednesday, February 19th, 2003 · No Comments

Tonight was a night for quality television at my place, including one of the funniest South Park episodes I’ve ever seen (I don’t watch the show nearly as much as I should):

Episode 407 – Cherokee Hair Tampons

The episode includes this instant classic of a line spoken by Chief Running Pinto, one of the Mexicans whom the South Park townspeople believe to be a Native American:

    Yeah. And these here are Cherokee hair tampons. They’re, like, tampons made with all-natural hair from the Cherokee people.

Followed by this line:

    Let the mysterious ways of our people show you a new way of tampons!

The next real-live commercial was absolutely hilarious: teenage girl asking her mother what to do when the flow is too heavy to be controlled by regular tampons. The mother’s answer: Cherokee hair tampons, of course, which, we then learn, can later be used as a great fetch toy for the family dog.

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