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Remembering Ruth Cory Pritchard

Saturday, March 8th, 2003 · No Comments

A year ago today the Earth lost one of its most amazing, caring, and loving humans: Ruth Cory Pritchard, my Nana. Along with my parents, she played a large role in raising me and my brother. She was my role model and an inspiration to everyone who knew her. She gave her love and support unconditionally to her family and her extended family — everyone who knew her. I learned so much from her and I miss her dearly. The world will never forget you, Nana.

Jen and I are reminiscing now about some of the great times we had with Nana: visiting the old governor’s mansion in Sacramento during Christmas 2001; hanging out on the rocks of Treasure Island in October 2000 to watch the Blue Angels; Nana’s coming to watch the Blue Angels with Jen in October 1999 when I went to Vassar for a weekend leadership training summit (she knew Jen would appreciate the company); her coming to Enoch’s New Year’s Eve party 2001.

Below is an excerpt I’d like to share from my remarks at Nana’s memorial service on March 16, 2002:

    The morning Nana passed, my mom and I were in her hospital room talking about what an amazing life she had lived — and how many lives she had touched. It suddenly all made sense: Her dedication to children, her passion for education. She really got it. And it all clicked for mes. In that moment, it was OK that she was gone. A chill went through my body. I finally understood. She had taught the youth — the next generation. She had prepared the future for what was ahead. And she knew it. She always emphasized the importance of education. Every young person she ever knew will never forget her and the example she was for all of us. “Finish school. Get that degree!” she would say. She made sure I got through college. One of the last things she said was that I’d better make sure my brother Peter makes it through his final year of college, too. (Aside: I’m watching you, Pete, and Nana is, too!)

You’re always in my heart, Nana.

(In Nana’s honor, my entire site is pink #b54a8d with MT’s stormy template today, since pink was her favorite color. At first, I had turned the whole site black, but then Jen pointed out that Nana wasn’t mopey like that and wouldn’t have wanted it that way. So this pink’s for you, Nana!)

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