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Act for Change

Thursday, March 20th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Now that the war is underway, what can you do? Plenty. You could block traffic in San Francisco, which I actually don’t recommend since it’s not cool to prevent people who need to get to work from doing so. But how about this? Or this: Send a message to Bush urging him not to nuke Iraq:

ActForChange: Don’t Use Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

Here’s the templatized message I just sent:

    Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 09:39:09 -0800
    From: Gabe
    To: President George W. Bush
    Subject: Don’t Use Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

    Dear President Bush,

    I oppose the invasion of Iraq. I am deeply concerned that official American policy allows for the use of nuclear weapons against countries that possess weapons of mass destruction. Whether or not Iraq responds to our invasion with the use of weapons of mass destruction, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to publicly renounce their use. Our invasion has already made us a rogue nation in the eyes of the most of the world, but using nuclear weapons would be a crime against humanity as a whole.


    San Francisco, CA

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  • 1 Tom // May 12, 2004 at 4:47 pm

    Here we are today. The headlines are about the NEW PHOTOS said to be more disturbing. Give me a break! Who really cares about the supposed abuse? I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. Not so in the real world. We should be judged by our culture. Not by the culture that would kill their daughter because she was raped! Hey I want to live there! Yeah, right! What a sick and twisted place. What a sick and twisted version of religion. This is the prime example of a separation of church and state.

    Who could kill their wife, daughter or sister because she was raped? This just shows that this Iraqi society has no capacity to love. None! If you can’t love you children then you deserve to be sent back to your maker for recycling. They are defective in so many ways. They make sure that education of women doesn’t happen. God forgive anyone for letting a woman know that she is better than the men around her. That statement is not always true but here in the states it is at least half the time.

    How about this idea? Let’s take a lesson from the Paranoid schizophrenics of the world. Instead of imaginary implants and such. Let’s implant listening devices in the prisoners and then release them. Tiny nuclear power supplies that can last years would power these implants. Attached to the device would be a bomb the size of a M-80 made of C4 that would explode when exposed to air. Not a huge bomb, just a deterrent to those that would try to remove them.

    I have to go back to the rape thing. This really bothers me. Just a thought here; Let’s say that a girl gets raped and her family is ashamed. Maybe we should take the entire family and imprison them with know rapists and get every one of them raped. Then they can all kill each other. I think the men should be repeatedly raped so that they can feel some idea of the helplessness that their wife, daughter or sister felt. Plus the knowledge that once the attack is over, there is no one to turn to, because once raped you are no longer a human. I just don’t understand a society that could be like that. Let’s not forget being stoned for not wearing a headdress. They are so religious. They are so compassionate. They are so much a precious group of so called humans. Just nuke then! Pull our troops and do it within 12 hours of the last evac. DO IT NOW!