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Sunday, April 13th, 2003 · No Comments

Today‘s San Francisco Chronicle contains the following apology in the A section:

    The Chronicle apologizes for the objectionable illustration on the cover of today’s Book Review. Editors noticed it too late to stop the presses and remake the page.

This did, of course, pique my curiosity, so I went promptly to the Book section to find this illustration:


I laughed my ass of when I saw why they had issued the apology (it was hard to see, even in the large, print version). Unfortunately, you can’t really see it in this scaled-down online version of the illustration, but the man on the tractor is flipping off the man in the car; his “fuck you” finger is prominently on display. I wouldn’t have noticed this, and I doubt many of the Chronicle’s readers would have, had the apology not been printed.

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