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Fun with IM

Sunday, April 13th, 2003 · No Comments

From January 30, 2003 IM conversation with Ben:

benjaminfry: Hmm, that sounds kinda interesting… maybe I should
rule. i will have a crown, and scepter… Ooh, and a purple hooded Robe,
with one of those really big hoods, so you could see my face, but you
could see my eyes blazing, proper lighting
benjaminfry: I think it would work.
GabeVC99: heh heh. with a bottle of crown royal in your hand (the other
one- not the scepter hand)
benjaminfry: That may work, or I could have a sword in it!
benjaminfry: Oooh that would be cool, a sword.
GabeVC99: swords rule, too.
GabeVC99: i have a wooden sword (heh heh. i know that sounds dirty, but
i’m serious. acutally, it’s my brother’s from a samurai skit he did back
in the day; now it’s with a bunch of stuff from my grandma’s house.)
benjaminfry: Hmm, that could work.
GabeVC99: mind if i use this exchange on my blog? it’s cracking me up.
GabeVC99: (i would anonymize your email address.)
benjaminfry: if you really want to.
GabeVC99: you don’t want me to? you don’t think it’s funny? maybe i’m
sleep-deprived (we were up until 1 packing and awake at 630 for work) so
everything seems funny this afternoon.
benjaminfry: Hehe… No it’s funny, but its just me rambling…
GabeVC99: your rambling is funny today. not that it’s not funny other
days, of course.
benjaminfry: Fun with septors, but if you put it online you have
to promise that you will correct my spelling, i.e. scepter…
GabeVC99: heh heh. ok, it’s a deal.

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