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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003 · No Comments

It’s been one week to the day since I taught my first class. I’ve been meaning to write about it here, but kept forgetting to do so until now. In any case, I’ve added this about the class to my archives page. You see, Enoch teaches HTML classes for UC Berkeley Extension. He’s currently in the middle of an HTML II session and wanted to have a guest lecturer. So he asked me. Despite my lack of teaching experience (outside company presentations, management experience, informal computer tutorings, and camp counselor past), I happily agreed.


The day of the class, I was a nervous wreck. I put together a little guide to help me focus. The guide walks through the steps of creating a complex table. It ended up being a really cool experience, even though I was apparently teaching too fast. Once I got that feedback from the students, though, I stopped to walk around and offer guidance on an individual basis (Enoch and his TA also helped with that; how cool is it that Enoch has a TA?).

I like to teach. I don’t think of myself as much of an expert on anything, but I do like to share what knowledge I have.

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