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Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Thursday, April 24th, 2003 · No Comments

As I mentioned on March 31, I got my first speeding ticket in 5 years (a CVC 22350). Since then, I’ve been researching ways to fight it. Turns out that yesterday I didn’t even have to go to “court,” which actually turned out to be some guy at a window who tried to convince me to show up in person for a hearing rather than fronting the bail money required to file a Trial by Written Declaration (under CVC 40902). Here are some great resources:

I’ve learned that cops are incented by overtime pay ($200-300) to show up in court in cases of contest. By mail, there’s no overtime pay for cops. So in my trial by mail, if the cop doesn’t submit his evidence or account, then I win by default. The Ticket Assassin is really right in saying that California scares people into paying the fines. When I showed up yesterday, the window clerk tried to convince me that it would be easier to “just go in person in June” so that I wouldn’t “have to pay the bail.” Well, buddy, luckily, I can afford to front the bail and get it all back when I win my trial by declaration. Yet another example of the poor getting screwed. I’m sure many people can’t afford to front the bail. Many others surely don’t know their rights to fight by mail. (I didn’t even have to go yesterday, I’ve learned; I could’ve done the whole process by mail.)

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