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Dishwasher Dreams

Wednesday, April 30th, 2003 · No Comments

haier.jpg Today it struck me that it would kick ass to have a portable dishwasher. Living as I now do without a dishwasher has made me appreciate the great invention that is the automatic dishwasher. Yes, I live in a small San Francisco apartment, but it just so happens that my kitchen has this neat little area under the counter that’s currently being used to house the dog food container, paper bags, and the step stool. This area is just screaming for a portable dishwasher. And for somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 or so, I could satisfy the screaming urge of this space. Damn would that make my life easier.

You see, prior to living in our current apartment, Jen and I have always had a dishwasher. And I always took it for granted. Now I want one again. Ahh, automatic washing of dishes. What a concept. Our rent includes water, so why the heck not take advantage of that?

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