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The World as a Blog

Friday, May 23rd, 2003 · No Comments

GeoURL is just the beginning. Mikel Maron has taken the concept of geo-blogging to the extreme with his incredible, real-time application, the World as a Blog. Leveraging a Flash-based world map — complete with light-dark indication — combined with, geocoding, and RSS, the map shows a pop-up display of blog name and corresponding geographic indicator within a minute or two of when the blog is updated. Click on the notice and you’re whisked off to the just-updated blog.

You can even “sign in” to the map with your geocoded blog to see who else is watching the map.

(Thanks, Mikel, for bringing your kick-ass application to my attention.)

Update: Below is a screenshot of the World as a Blog in action just after I posted Home Alone (it works!):

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