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Home Alone

Saturday, May 24th, 2003 · No Comments

My beautiful Jen is on a plane on her way to New York. She’s leveraging Memorial Day weekend to attend her bridal shower and take care of other wedding tasks. So it’s just me and the dogs through Wednesday. I miss her already. Good thing absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After dropping off Jen at the Oakland Airport bright ‘n early on this damp, overcast day (why is it that every time I wash my car it rains mere days later?), the dogs and I headed to Point Isabel for some dog action. They ran around and, thankfully, didn’t start any fights with other dogs, though they came close a couple times. Stella went for a swim in the canal and Happy, running along a diagonal concrete structure to keep an eye on his sister, slipped into the water, which he hates. So now they’re both calmly resting, which I hope lasts for a good part of the day.

It’s just before 10am on Saturday morning. To sit on the cusp of a three-day weekend and have it wide open is a great feeling of freedom and anticipation. I often fear wasting time — not taking advantage of each precious day to have fun whilst charging through that endless to do list. And do this weekend I will. Despite having woken up at 6:30 this morning, I feel energetic, ready to dive into the aggressive list I’ve already prepared (which I’m documenting here as incentive to get through as much of it as I can):

  1. Call in & pick up new prescription
  2. Schedule & get haircut
  3. Mail wedding invitations (complete as of last night!)
  4. Go to Best Buy to shop for digital camcorder
  5. Go to Black Oak Books to buy real estate investing books
  6. Begin to read real estate books
  7. Hang out with Dad
  8. Fax FBN statement to newspaper
  9. Create Web-based contact management system for Marin Breast Cancer Watch (or, if it turns out to be too complicated, inform them I don’t have the time)
  10. Work on 100 Faces Productions Web site
  11. Put allergy lotion on dogs
  12. Research dance lessons for the wedding
  13. Follow-up with limousine company re: contract
  14. Give Stella her evening medication while Jen’s away
  15. Go to open houses on Sunday
  16. Go to Farouk’s Memorial Day BBQ in the park (if it’s not raining)
  17. Remember to eat three meals per day
  18. Clean house
  19. Party

Phew. Think I have enough to keep busy for the next phew (I couldn’t resist) days?

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