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Bush Matrix

Tuesday, May 27th, 2003 · No Comments

Reloading to fight the Bush Matrix is a great piece comparing the Bush regime to the images and ideas conveyed in the Matrix Reloaded. Here’s a snippet:

    The Matrix Media Mind Manipulator, from Limbaugh to Clear Channel To Fox, now wants us to believe that even though GOPutrid Agent/Senator Rick Santorum says homosexuality is the moral equivalent of bestiality, the newly “with-it” GOP will no longer refer to gays as “sodomites.” What a breakthrough! A major hip-hop forward for media imaging and millennial mind control.

    Every network, every cable channel, every newspaper streams the contaminated code of Bushwellian patriotism, conformity and non-thought. Homeland Security? The Bush Matrix wants to arrest all those Ravers at the Zion sex dance early in the film. Its draft-dodging Top Gun has the clonable face and poisonous smirk of every agent the Matrix sends to kill off dissenters.

Hmm… coincidence? Or are are the Wachowski Brothers bigger geniuses than anyone realizes?

There is even a scene in Reloaded that shows a televised image of W. on a television screen in the background. The Architect, just as the image appears in the background, makes an allusion to evil in the world. (Anyone remember the exact quote at that moment?)

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