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Stop Extremist Judges

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003 · No Comments

Please help the Democratic party in stopping the Senate from allowing right-wing extremists to be appointed to the Supreme Court:

Sign the Petition for American Values

There’s a quick form letter that makes the process really easy:

    Dear Democratic Leaders:

    The United States Supreme Court is the backbone that upholds American values.

    These cherished American values are at risk if one or more Supreme Court Justices retire this summer. Civil rights, a woman’s right to choose, environmental protections, public education, workers’ rights, and much more are threatened by a right-wing court.

    President Bush has already built a record of nominating extremist, ultra-conservative judges to the federal bench.

    I stand with and support Democratic leaders in the fight to oppose ultra-conservative nominees to the nation’s highest court.

Please take this important action to protect our rights — and those of future generations. Keep extremists like Priscilla Owen, a woman who has voted against women’s rights, out of the Supreme Court.

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