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Viva Las Vegas

Tuesday, June 24th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Thanks to our awesome, amazing friends who made this hilarious, fun, crazy weekend in Vegas possible: Ben, Enoch, James, Jeanine, Jess, Katie, Martha, Miguel, Peter, and Tiff! You guys rock. Jen and I will never forget our 3-day, pre-wedding party. On to the memories… and don’t forget to add your own.

At the Bellagio: James drawing spectators and cocktail waitresses galore with Hooooot Rod (click for movie); Ben getting huge payout after only a few tries…on Hoooot Rod; then later losing it all at the blackjack table, where Gabe won his first $95 gambling, then also lost it all (*yes, Jen advised him to walk away when he was on top). Getting kicked out of all-you-can-drink champagne brunch…hey, there were 11 of us. Who says 8 bottles is too many?

By poolside: Kick-ass, fifteen-dollar mai tais…water misting in the face while chillin’ in the hot tub…Playboy and How to Win at Blackjack…

T ‘n A show at the Aladdin: Cowgirls…girls in vertical bed got vote for everyone’s favorite scene…Playboy lingerie model Stacey Linde was hot. Over at the girls’ table, Jen and Katie wondered when the show was going to get dirty.

Shadow Bar at Caesar’s: After cruising the strip with 3 cases of Bud Light and MGD in tow (followed by bad hotel porn), we watched the shadow dancers at Caesar’s. Jen won at blackjack. As the boys wander off to some gambling at Paris, Jen orders them to get Gabe a lap dance (it was never meant to be). The boys conk out early (4am) as Jen and Jess gamble the night away (5:30am) — coming out ahead.

All weekend: Martha wins hundreds at the slots, putting us all to shame.

Saturday brunch at the Mirage: Pete, James, and Enoch arrive at 1:30pm. Enoch eats fish stew nonstop until 5pm while Pete and James line up the champagne glasses; they get their money’s worth.

Limo ride: Beers. Drink while riding. Taxi ride: Santa Claus lookalike Oklahomam driver reminisces about the good ol’ days: His granddaddy shootin’ a man over tractor parts. “The meat wagon rolled in. Justifiable homicide.”

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  • 1 Dan // Jun 26, 2003 at 6:53 am

    Does this mean Enoch can cross state lines now?

    Congratulations Enoch!!

  • 2 jen // Jun 26, 2003 at 8:49 am

    that’s messed up, dan! we are feeding you to the tigers. the big white ziegfield and roy magical tigers, that is.