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Supah Hot

Thursday, June 26th, 2003 · No Comments

Here in San Francisco we’re spoiled by the weather — a cool 50 to 70 or so year-round. So when the thermometer rises above 70 and pushes to 80 and beyond, San Franciscans barely know what to do — so we sit around in our boxers, drink ice water, and walk our dogs in the park. Jen was shocked to be able to wear a tank top outside…in the night. But she did. Today’s record-high temperature of 97 degrees sent many locals to the beaches, while others of us chose to work from home and keep it cool in the comfort of our garden apartments.

    “Records were set from San Francisco (97) to Moffett Field (100) to Monterey (95). The previous record in San Francisco was 89 degrees — set 30 years ago. Gilroy hit 105, tying the record set in 1995.”

All I’ve got to say is that I’m glad I didn’t trek it up to San Rafael today since it was a high of 102 and the air conditioning in my building was broken (I grinned of relief to be at home when I read the email earlier today). The A/C in Jen’s building was also broken, so they bought everyone ice cream.

This Sacramentan has gotten spoiled living in the City by the Bay. I want my cool summer nights and my year-round breeze.

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