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Sony TRV22

Saturday, June 28th, 2003 · 2 Comments

sony-trv22.gif After much deliberation going back to May 10, 2003, I finally decided to purchase the Sony DCR-TRV22 MiniDV camcorder! Woohoo! From a field that started with 5 camcorders randomly selected from Amazon, I narrowed it down to the TRV19 and the TRV22. With tons of help from the great discussion boards on, I found what I think to be the best deal out there — that I defined based on a combination of price, shipping, tax, and reputation of Sony Authorized reseller — and placed the order today. I ordered from and was very impressed by the ordering process. I should receive a shipping confirmation email on Monday and will receive the camcorder overnight (free, no sales tax) on Tuesday, before Jen and I head to New York. Here are the pricing details, which I posted in this message to this thread:

    Woohoo! I FINALLY did it. I just ordered a TRV22 from onecall! It’s all about the free overnight FedEx shipping just by saying you’re a member of My Sony (the first guy I talked to didn’t know, but I just called back and they took off the extra $15 I had initially paid for the upgrade to overnight – from the free 3-day). Here are the details of my order:

    Sony TRV22 from
    $699 – 10% = $629
    scs30 $30 off coupon = $599.10
    +$15 overnight FedEx = $614.10
    +2 fuji tapes @ $4.82 each = $623.74
    +$9 for UV filter = $632.74
    $632.74 – $6.47 (1% discount) for oneclub = $626.27
    -$15 overnight FedEx (just said I was member of My Sony) = $611.27
    (total price for camera not including tapes & UV filter = $593.11, just as sucka had mentioned earlier; can’t beat that)

    I’m really psyched and glad I went with the 22 vs. the 19 after all. It should arrive Tuesday by 1pm, the day before I leave for NY for some wedding planning.


Update (7.14.2003): Find this info helpful? Please return the favor by following my links if you order your TRV22 from onecall! (I’ve signed up with their Link Program.) If you call them (1.800.340.4770), please mention my customer ID, 264-6370.

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  • 1 Tim // Jul 14, 2003 at 7:52 am

    How’s the camera turning out for you? Thanks to your site, I also bought the camera (but the My Sony discount and the $30 discount had already expired). Still, at 10% off plus the additional 1% off, you can’t beat the price. With all the extras I got (UV filter, carrying case, and 5 tapes) I paid only $4 more than my local Best Buy charges for the camera alone.

  • 2 Mario Santoro Filho // Nov 2, 2003 at 8:39 am

    Gostaria de receber informações sobre a compra da sony trv 22, e que voces possam envia-la para o Brasil. Obrigado Mario Santoro