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Wednesday, July 9th, 2003 · No Comments

(OK, so I’m a month behind, but still think this is pretty newsworthy.)

The Sydney Morning Herald: “It’s a strange form of legitimacy – perhaps even a coming of age – when a group of internet users are important enough to get their own version of Google.

“Web logs or ‘blogs’, the popular form of personal journal publishing, are growing up and are about to get a search engine of their own. Diarists who discuss everything from daily chores to current affairs can at least look forward to a dedicated tab on the world’s largest search engine. Google claims to index more of the internet than any other search engine, polling an ever-increasing number of pages – more than three billion at the time of writing. A blogs-only search tool was announced by Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt at a telecommunications conference earlier this month but the details are yet to be unveiled.”

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