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Emporio Armani Glasses

Friday, July 18th, 2003 · 1 Comment

These are my new eyeglasses. I picked them up yesterday. They are cool. I really like them. They make better use of lens space than do my old glasses. They’re not as vertically skinny as the old Brooks Brothers, which is good because my downward lens coverage is improved (for reading, etc.). And they’re not as horizontally wide, which is also good, since it makes them feel more solid. They sit closer to my face, too, which makes them sort of feel like goggles, but in a good way. Other than all that, they are very similar in color and design to my old glasses.

Most importantly, the prescription in the left lens is weaker than before since my eyes have gotten better. And I really like it so far. I really do feel like I can see better with the weaker prescription since my left eye is having to work a bit harder, which takes some strain off my (better) right eye.

One annoying thing that I’m sure I’ll get used to is that because my head is so big, the arms don’t really have much extra space to loop back over my ears, so it’s a bit tight back there. And hurts a bit. I’ve been playing with bending the arms this way and that, but don’t want to mess anything up.

Don’t you feel better knowing the intimate details behind my new glasses? Significant for me since these are the glasses that I’ll be wearing in my wedding photos that we’ll be looking at for the rest of our lives. And that future generations will also see. I wonder how out of style they’ll be 30 years from now…

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  • 1 Anonymous // Oct 23, 2003 at 10:22 am

    If you have a decent optician he can fit longer tips to the sides for you. I do it for my clients F.O.C. , but I live in Wales.