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Honeymoon Reflections #2

Saturday, August 2nd, 2003 · No Comments

From my notebook…

It’s Saturday, our last full day in Paradise. As expected, this week went by all too fast. Yesterday we spent at the beach adjacent to our hotel, snorkeling among brilliantly-colored tropical fish and even an actual sea turtle, the highlight of the day. So graceful and magnificent, the sea turtle paddled along under the water, occasionally rising to the surface for air. We spent the rest of the day reading on the beach. My belly got a bit burnt. After a rather upsetting dinner during which one of the few negative memories from the wedding was resurfaced, we watched the sun set while laying together in a hammock.

No real plans for today. It’s still pretty early — 7:30 or so. Jen’s on the phone downstairs and I’m sitting on the lanai. Just a couple more days until it’s back to reality.

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