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Wedding Hangover

Monday, August 4th, 2003 · 2 Comments

Today was my first day at work as a married man. Jen and I are still coming down from our wedding high. I think we’ll be in this state of wedding hangover for quite some time. Even though the wedding and honeymoon are now behind us, our house is a mess, we’re still opening gifts (and tracking them on our spreadsheet), and I haven’t even attempted to begin replying to the nearly 300 personal emails that have built up in my inbox. Empty boxes, bubblewrap, tissue and packing paper, and laundry are all scattered about. I’m just glad I can get to my bed to sleep.

Everything is still sort of spinning, in a way.

The dogs came home from Planet Canine today. Happy picked fights just about every day, I learned. He doesn’t know what size he is, she tells me. He grabbed mouthfuls of fur from dogs of all sizes and chased them behind the igloo, she says.

My fingernails need trimming, but the clipper is nowhere to be found. Probably buried under my dirty bathing suit from Hawaii. Somewhere.

Hundreds of pictures to go through still. Need to get 6 rolls of negatives scanned. Only have 2 of the official rolls on disc so far. Need to create a “Best of the Wedding Photos” album. Or something like that.

Bills to pay. Good thing we dropped off the rent during those 3 hours of waking time that we were here on July 28 before flying to Hawaii.

Honeymoon pictures, too. Gotta put together another Hawaii photo site at some point (this is the last one).

Also trying not to think too much about all those little details about the wedding that coulda been, shoulda been. Those little things that only Jen and I noticed or think about. We could dwell all day on those things. Have to keep reminding ourselves what an incredible, wonderful day it was. And that the good far outweighs the minor annoyances. But such is human nature — to dwell on the unchangeable that might have been different, that which has taken its place in time and cannot be undone. There’s so much good in the world. Why do we think about the little things that aren’t exactly the way we want them to be?

Enough of that.

The future is bright. I’m excited. There’s so much to look forward to. The day-to-day stuff won’t change much now that we’re married. We’ve already been living together for so long anyway. Now we just have the legal advantages and a piece of paper. And those nice, shiny, antique (1920s) platinum bands on our fingers.

We pay too much for rent. I’m psyched to buy a place of our own. To invest in real estate. The next big challenge.

Two more weddings in the next two months. This time as guests. This month and next. One in Southern California, the other in New York.

The order in this post vaguely resembles my current state of mind.

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  • 1 Silus Grok // Aug 5, 2003 at 9:05 am

    Welcome back, man!

  • 2 Twinkie // Aug 5, 2003 at 4:12 pm

    I think it’s a great post Gabe, a little scrambled, but genuine. 🙂 Don’t look back and think of the “what if” moments, look back and remember how beautiful the entire day was. I know it’s one the best days I’ve ever had, and I’m glad I got to share it with you both! You & Jen gave me a lot of great memories on your wedding day that I will treasure forever. Welcome back, I missed you guys!! 🙂