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Rallying Behind Dean

Thursday, August 28th, 2003 · 2 Comments

From A Case Against the Case Against the Case For Howard Dean: Can We All Stop This Madness? on Common Dreams: “Can you accurately imagine the disaster of Dubya having four years to operate without fear of reelection. He could do virtually anything he wanted. Heck, he could create laws that allow him to spy on all of us without any probable cause. He could lock up thousands of people without charging them and deny them access to a lawyer. He could make deals with his business cronies to open up our national parks to a buffet of abuses. He could invade other countries and steal their resources. Oh wait, that’s his first term.”

The point authors Lisa Eriksson and Ryan Harlin are making in this piece is that we (liberals) need to rally behind Howard Dean, rather than splitting our vote between him and Kucinich. As the authors mention, I’ve also noticed recently that the mainstream media coverage of Dean is peppered with this “look at him go, but how far can he go?” doubt. The top story in yesterday’s New York Times is a good example, with its condescending headline, In a Long Presidential Race, Dean Sprints, and sentences like this: “But the presidential-style trip could increase the risk of Dr. Dean peaking too early.”

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