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Furry Alarm Clock

Friday, September 5th, 2003 · No Comments

Stella Brie Neorxenawange. Brown. Stells. Stellie. Wang. Wanga. Malamute. Huge. The list goes on. The latest, well-earned addition: Stella “Furry Alarm Clock” A_nderson.

She’s been working hard over the past several weeks for that one. This morning, as usual, it was the tail thumping on the bed and the wet nose on the arm. But today she wanted to impress me. So at 6:43am, 2 minutes before my alarm was to go off, she went to work. It’s like clockwork. Quite literally. Only now she’s beating the clock.

Our super-smart dog Stella has taken it upon herself to wake us up every day. So now she gets to sleep in the sideroom with her brother Happy on weekends (when we don’t want to be awake by 7am). It’s fine on weekdays since we have to get up for work anyway, but that dog is relentless. She means business. She takes her self-appointed duty of waking us up quite seriously. Whether she’s bored or just more affectionate in the mornings, the FAC never fails. Her internal clock is a fine-tuned machine.

I’m not sure why we even bother setting our traditional alarm clocks anymore.

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