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Friday, September 5th, 2003 · No Comments

It seems that is back online! Content, no. Archives, no. But the server, yes. That’s a start. Way to go, current info tech editor who’s behind this, whoever you may be!

It would be great to track down all the archives that we had online once upon a time and restore them. Many of us ex-editors and writers would love to see that.

For a good laugh, take a look at my bio page (and see what one of the old versions of The Misc. Web site looked like) from 1998, when I was editor-in-chief.

Also, I archived this history back on October 2, 2002, when I last linked to it and had a couple email exchanges with then-EIC Marcie.

Finally, no trip down Misc. memory lane would be complete without reminding my readers that if it weren’t for said collegiate publication, Jen and I would not have become best friends, not to mention wife and husband. Click here to read the first email I ever sent to Jen — on November 16, 1997.

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