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Ambient Orb

Wednesday, September 10th, 2003 · 1 Comment

Imagine it: You wake up in the morning and you want to know what the weather is like. What do you do? Go to the window? Take a step out the front door? Turn on the radio or the Weather Channel? Nah. Too much work. Just look at the magical egg on your nightstand.

Ditto for the stock market, if your egg’s channel is set to the DOW instead of the weather.

I read this morning in Newsweek about Ambient’s latest product, the Beacon, which is more expensive ($199) and not as flexible as the magical egg — the company’s $149 Orb product.

Strange concept indeed, but of course it’s also very cool. Your magical color egg does not connect to your computer. Rather, it accesses market, weather, pollen, and even IM data via a wireless cell phone-like network. You control what your egg senses via a members-only Web site. The colors shift (thousands of ’em) based on what is happening in the world.

Apparently the company will soon offer a Homeland Security setting. I can see it now: Thousands flock to the streets in chaos because their magical eggs turned red. Or maybe that means the market is tanking. Or there’s a thunderstorm in town. Better make sure your egg is set to the right channel.

[ Ambient FAQs | ThinkGeek ]

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  • 1 Timothy Hopper // Nov 20, 2003 at 6:06 pm

    I really would like one, but no service in my area!