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Rough Night

Wednesday, September 17th, 2003 · No Comments

16-isabel-inside.jpg Jen and I have been feeling really tired and under the weather this week. The timing is especially bad since we fly to New York early Friday morning for cousin Jack and Kim’s wedding in Cooperstown. So not only are we tired, but we have to hope our traveling doesn’t coincide with Hurricane Isabel when we change planes in Baltimore on Friday.

And the dogs aren’t helping, either. The Furry Alarm Clock set a new record this morning when she woke me up just before 4am. From out in his crate, the FAC’s colleague Happy Dingo heard the tail thumping and assumed it was time to get up, so he proceeded to bark. I reluctantly woke up to let them both out. Turns out they both had to go. It sure is great having a yard.

Mollie will be watching the dogs while we’re in New York this weekend, which will be a first since we were roommates on Treasure Island. Since the dogs got kicked out of Planet Canine, we’re trying something new. Happy has never spent a night alone and not since the TI days has Stella spent a night without Jen or me around. I’m sure everything will be fine, but we’re a bit nervous about their spending so much time alone. At least it’s only three days.

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