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General Wesley Clark

Thursday, September 18th, 2003 · No Comments

Retired General Wesley Clark intends to join the throngs of other Democratic hopefuls running for President. I think this is a good thing since objective #1 is to defeat Bush. And in these times of war, who better to take on Bush in the war debate?

Here’s an email that I just sent to Karen on the topic after she forwarded to me this Michael Moore letter to Clark:

    I was excited when Clark announced he was going to run. I really liked him when he talked with Bill Maher recently (great personality and well-spoken, too). Of course, I’ve been supporting Dean, but now we have another viable candidate…maybe even more so since he actually is a military general, unlike Bush, who just pretends to be.

    Defeating Bush is priority 1 and it’s looking (at least so far) like Clark may be the best fit for doing so. Good, too, that Michael Moore supports Clark, but was careful not to officially endorse him yet.

    Here’s something Clark wrote back in April after the fall of Saddam:

    This quote doesn’t sound like someone who’s opposed to war: “As for the political leaders themselves, President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt.”

    But then, of course, he writes this, which is good: “Is this victory? Certainly the soldiers and generals can claim success. And surely, for the Iraqis there is a new-found sense of freedom. But remember, this was all about weapons of mass destruction. They havenít yet been found. It was to continue the struggle against terror, bring democracy to Iraq, and create change, positive change, in the Middle East. And none of that is begun, much less completed.”

My favorite part of the Moore letter is this:

    “Bush Must Go.

    “This is war, General, and it’s Bush & Co.’s war on us. It’s their war on the middle class, the poor, the environment, their war on women and their war against anyone around the world who doesn’t accept total American domination. Yes, it’s a war — and we, the people, need a general to beat back those who have abused our Constitution and our basic sense of decency.

    “The General vs. the Texas Air National Guard deserter! I want to see that debate, and I know who the winner is going to be.”

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