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Saturday, September 27th, 2003 · No Comments

Last night I could barely breathe and laugh due to intense pain in my chest (relieved by 2 Advils downed with Guinness at The Chieftain prior to meeting up with Crissy, Sandy, and some friends of theirs for a yummy Buca di Beppo dinner). This morning I woke up with aching pain all over my back and legs. I could barely move.

A couple times per year, I tend to forget that I’m not a football star, or that I can’t run like I used to. Back in May was the last time I pretended to be a football pro, and Jen reminded me how much pain I was in following that day. Again yesterday my department returned to Stafford Lake for margaritas and football. And yet again, I ran around too much and too fast. At one point I even collided with a powerful thud into a coworker. The blow knocked him down and is probably the cause of my chest pain.

Sure, I can tear it up on the slopes every winter, but I easily forget that I’m not in the same football-ready shape of yesteryear. Back in the Pacheco Valley days of my youth — when we regularly played tackle mud football — I could take a beating and not feel any pain the next day. Of course, I was built mostly of cartilage back then.

Mollie was here this morning to work with us on training Happy, his first official training class in the year that we’ve had him. We want to teach him better house manners.

Around dinner time tonight, we’re supposed to meet up with Dave and his girlfriend. Dave and I haven’t seen each other since high school, so I’m looking forward to hanging out tonight. We haven’t yet decided on a place to eat, but here in San Francisco, we’re never short on options.

Tomorrow is the Folsom Street Fair and we may or may not go (some friends are going). More likely, we’ll spend the day going to open houses. Yesterday for the first time Jen was looking at listings online and today made a number of calls to realtors. That rules. I love that she’s now as excited as I am about buying a place.

A few evenings ago we met with our financial planners to discuss some debt and the home purchase, as well as to do the yearly review of our portfolio. They gave us some gold stars, along with the go-ahead to use some of our savings to wipe out our shared credit card debt. The check should arrive next week, and already we both feel a tremendous sense of relief. (Here’s what I wrote after meeting with them last year.)

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