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Mojitos Mmm

Monday, October 20th, 2003 · No Comments

mojito.jpg Before yesterday I had never really appreciated the minty glory that is the mojito. Jen and I have been to at least one party with a mojito theme, but I drank something else that night for some reason…not sure why I didn’t go for the mojito then.

Yesterday Glenn and Amy had us over to their place for some delicious grilled veggies and mojitos aplenty. And damn were they good. They also presented us with a generous wedding gift basket with all the necessary mojito supplies — Grey Goose vodka, triple sec, premade mint syrup, and more. I had also never experienced the smoothness of Grey Goose, so that was a special treat, too.

So much a special treat, in fact, that Jen and I decided to continue with our own mojito party after arriving home last night. We busted into the Grey Goose and partied Sunday night away. Not that I’m currently having to worry about going to work on Mondays, but Jen still is, so it’s always refreshing to do something else on a Sunday night besides sit around worrying about going back to work on Monday. We had a close-to-midnight snack of Pasquale’s eggplant sandwich, followed by some treats from Tart to Tart.

On Thursday last week I was in Sacramento, kickin’ it with James, who’s been housebound experiencing some pretty intense back problems. “As long as your drinking arm works,” I told him, “you have nothing to worry about.” I stayed until Friday morning, then drove to San Rafael to sign my final paperwork and attend my going-away lunch with my now-former coworkers.

Friday night my oldest friend Jevaun, whom I’ve known since kindergarten in Sacramento, came to town. It was the first we’d seen each other in nearly 3 years, which I found hard to believe, and we had a great time, reminiscing about the wild times we used to have with the old crew. We first hit Yancy’s, then hung out at our pad the rest of the night. It was great fun and I’m glad we’re in touch again. It was so cool watching some video of his adorable 3-year-old daughter. We also had some good laughs watching an old video I dug up of us at Sutter’s Fort “Living History Day” on November 11, 1989. We called my bro in Tucson to tell him how awesome it was that in the video he was wearing spandex shorts and had a mullet. Gotta love the ’80s.

I spent part of the weekend stressing not so much about finding a new job or relocating, but about all the other stuff that I need to work on: 100 Faces Web site production (nearly done), online traffic school (before December), Vassar DC site production, etc.

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