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Bloggers for Matt

Tuesday, November 18th, 2003 · No Comments

blogmat2.gif Rene Amini has compiled a list of Bloggers for Matt (Gonzalez). The Guardian this week has a number of Gonzalez stories and op-ed pieces urging San Francisco voters to put him in office. The Guardian suggests that if those of us who voted on November 4 urge at least one friend who didn’t vote that day to get out and support Gonzalez in the December 9 run-off, then he would win by a landslide.

So let’s do it.

One of the Guardian pieces explains why it’s important for Gonzalez to win — and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

    “And while he might not be as phenomenally corrupt as Brown (that would be a hard standard for anyone to meet), Newsom’s vision for the city is, overall, pretty similar to Brown’s. He’s a candidate who thinks developers and big businesses should be allowed fairly free rein to decide how the city’s economy functions. He never opposed any of Brown’s sweetheart deals that let the dot-com developers drive artists, small businesses, and working-class people out of the city. He is willing to allow Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to continue controlling the city’s energy future (he still won’t commit to supporting a real public power plan). He thinks landlords should be able to raise rents and evict tenants with only limited controls. He’s open to repealing district elections. And he wants to criminalize the poor.

    “Under Newsom, San Francisco would be essentially what it was under Brown: a city where the rich and powerful call the shots and the rest of us fight to survive.

    “Gonzalez offers a very different approach. He was, after all, the sponsor of Proposition L, which raised the minimum wage in San Francisco to $8.50 an hour – perhaps the most significant labor reform in the city in decades. He opposed every major Brown giveaway. And it’s wildly inaccurate to suggest he’s some left-wing loony: he can be more fiscally conservative than Newsom (he defied almost all of his liberal backers last week and opposed Ammiano’s $60 million school-funding plan, saying there’s no money to pay for it; Newsom voted in favor of the plan).”

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