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Stella’s Sun

Tuesday, November 25th, 2003 · 2 Comments

I’ve named this photo Stella’s Sun. It was taken on March 21, 2003 at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. It was part of the photo shoot Jen and I did that day.

I share it with you now since I just entered it into the Steve’s DigiCams Digital Photo of the Day contest. Who knows if I’ll win, but I still love the photo.

I’m back on Steve’s site after a couple years because Jen and I are back in the market for a new digital camera. We’ve outgrown our two-year-old Canon PowerShot S110 and want something that will produce better quality prints and will allow us to do more with photography than simply point-and-shoot. So we’re considering the Canon PowerShot S400, S50, A80, and G3.

Initially I was thinking we’d get the S400 since we’ve been fairly pleased with the 110 over the past two years, but we wouldn’t get much in terms of manual controls. So I’m currently leaning toward the 5 megapixel S50, even though it’s visually not as sexy as the S400. It does seem to be quite a bit more camera, though, for a similar price.

Input is, as always, appreciated on any of these models or others.

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  • 1 Jentle // Nov 26, 2003 at 4:11 pm

    I got a G3 a few months ago and am completely enthralled…. I decided not to go with the A-series because there have been many hardware issues with them… (of course that was before the A80 release, so maybe they addressed them).

    The S50 was appealing to me because it could eventually be a kayaking camera with the addition of the underwater case, and Peach’s S400 is certainly a sweet little thing (fits well in-pocket), but after cutting my teeth on a point & shoot I was feeling ready to get something I could grow into — It’ll take me quite a while to get all these manual controls down backward and forward, which is an exciting proposal. To me at least.

    I’ve taken over 2500 pictures since mid-September (1000 in the first week) and have yet to regret it being a 4MP rather than a 5.

    ::shrug:: Hope this helps — I also have a list of reviewing and research sites if you want it. 🙂 Hopefully they won’t have the same effect my research on Burlington did – I’d hate to be the Girl Who Scares You Away from, well… everything. 😉

  • 2 mat // Nov 26, 2003 at 4:30 pm

    I’ve had two Nikon digital cameras now. I use a Coolpix 4300 (which is, I believe a 4.3 mp camera). I prefer the interface on the Nikon to the Cannon, of course your milage may vary. In addition to the presets, you can go (almost) fully manual with the 4300. The Nikons tend to be a bit bulkier than the Cannons, but the picture quality and color accuracy is phenominal. I’ve had a few photos I’ve taken with it published, and they even look great in magazine (so long as it’s small) and newspaper formats. I know how once you get used to a certain brand, it’s hard to switch, but give the Nikons a look, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    One thing you might consider, however, is size vs. muscle. I’ve more or less made a full switch from my 35mm SLR to digital. Although I do still use film on rare occasions. But before I bought the 4300 last January (after breaking my previous camera) I felt like you did, and thought I wanted a camera that would allow me to branch out some in terms of the kinds of pictures I take.

    But I’ve found that now I don’t take as many pictures. Since my camera doesn’t easily slip into my pocket anymore, I don’t carry it with me as often. Just something to think about when buying.

    (found your site via bloggers for Matt Gonzalez, by the way)