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Brilliant Sound

Saturday, December 6th, 2003 · No Comments

When I’m not streaming audio via iTunes to my home PC and cranking out the sound to my Altec Lansing ACS340 speakers, I have DirecTV tuned to one of the digital music channels, usually channel 822’s Hit List, and pump the sound either directly to my Cerwin Vega DX-7s (note: photo is from college, so representation is meant only to depict speaker, not its current implementation in my apartment), turning the Sony KV27FS12 27″ Trinitron WEGA Stereo TV‘s audio off, or I send the audio to both the TV’s dinky speakers and to the stereo with its substantially more robust speakers. Lately, I’ve been doing the latter since I like the highs produced by the TV speakers and since the stereo sound seems somehow muted, no matter how high I turn up the volume.

Until today.

I stumbled across a new setting in my TV’s audio settings today: Audio Out. Changing this setting from Variable to Fixed makes a world of difference. It turns off the TV’s speakers and locks the volume, sending a fuller, intensely robust sound to my stereo. And what a difference. The sound is amazing. It’s like I’m hearing my stereo for the first time…or playing a CD, something I haven’t done with my home system in quite some time. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure that out. I’ll never go back to any other way of listening to digital music.

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