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Monday, January 5th, 2004 · No Comments

You know you live in the Northeast when you own big snow boots. Tonight Jen and I became Northeasterners. Saratogians, in particular. It’s been snowing here lately and, as Californians, our sneakers couldn’t take trudging through the fresh banks of snow or through the slushy sidewalks much longer. What a difference. My feet are now warm when we walk the dogs and I don’t feel the moisture seeping into my California cotton socks (a big no-no, according to the staunchly serious man who advised us on boots at Dick’s sporting goods).

Last night we finally saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King after dinner at Friendly’s with super-friendly service. As expected, I really enjoyed the final installment of the Tolkien trilogy. I didn’t want to leave the theater when the credits began to roll after three hours, but it’s hard enough to get Jen to sit through a standard-length movie. I knew Jen was getting more and more restless with each loud sigh throughout the final hour of the film. But I’ll give her some credit, given the multiple natural points at which the movie could’ve ended.

It’s hard getting used to life in such a quiet place. It’s not like the big city at all. I was tempted earlier to let Happy off leash while walking down our street since there’s nary a car in sight. This peaceful lifestyle is already having a pleasantly surprising effect on the dogs: They’ve been so calm and relaxed the past couple days since we moved in. And I do love the snow. It’s so pretty lining the streets and trees.

Our place is still pretty much empty (furniture doesn’t arrive until the 10th), so we’re continuing to settle into our echoey apartment. The air mattress wasn’t great the first night, but it’s growing on me.

Last but far from least, a big congratulations is in order to Jane and Sarah on their engagement. I’m really happy for you both.

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