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The Toddler

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004 · No Comments

I ate the biggest burrito of my life tonight. Well, I actually ate only about a third of it (so far). But the beast we’ve so fondly dubbed “The Toddler” must have set some kind of record. It cost $14 and probably weighed in at as many pounds. Seriously. It didn’t come close to comparing to any California burrito in terms of taste or quality, so as if to make up for this, the Mexican Connection here in Saratoga Springs apparently cranks out the biggest burritos that are humanly possible. It was unbelievable. You really had to see this thing.

Lucky for you, Jen whipped out the camera to document the incredible moment when it was carted from the kitchen to appear before us. I couldn’t stop laughing from the moment it thudded down on the table. Even our server laughed, remarking that “They’re usually big, but this is the biggest one ever.” The menu warned that the “Buro Grande” could practically feed a family of four. I thought they were exaggerating. But lo and behold, it looked as if they had jammed the whole damn chicken in there.

After I ate a burrito baby, Jen and I attended our first Howard Dean Meetup, as part of the national event, at The Parting Glass. The turnout was much larger than I had expected — about 40 or so attendees. We talked about the New York primary on March 2, heard from a lobbyist for the civil servants’ union in New York State, and wrote personal letters to Iowan and New Mexican voters. We met some really nice people, most of whom were older than us, which was a change from San Francisco political events where it’s mostly younger people. Nonetheless, it felt good to get out of the empty house, discover a fine new Irish pub, and meet some other politically active Saratogians.

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