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Settling In

Saturday, January 31st, 2004 · No Comments

Historical note: The last time I wrote a blog entry of the same title was August 21, 2002, not long after Jen and I had moved off Treasure Island and into our short-lived stint in Larkspur. The apartment in Larkspur was spacious and I miss features like a guest room, two bathrooms (including a private master bath), an upstairs, but the town just wasn’t for us.

Here in Saratoga Springs a year-and-a-half later (it amazes me how time flies), we are again settling into a new town and a new home. So far, so good.

We don’t exactly have many friends in town yet, but we do have friends all around the state. Thursday night Shannon and Mike came to visit from Syracuse. We neglected to take any pictures (shocker, I know), but had a fun time nonetheless. We stayed up late Thursday catching up and watching bad TV (Daily Show excepted).

Earlier on Thursday, we had a local dog sitter come by for a visit to meet Stella and Happy. Luckily, it went well. Stella didn’t bark once. We need to have her come back again for another meeting before we leave town the first time.

Thursday night we finally saw Winged Migration, the cinematographically stunning documentary about migrating birds. Visually, it was amazing, but I didn’t like the lack of explanation; there were many facts stated without detailing why birds migrate thousands of miles (“it’s a matter of life and death” was the most detail we got). The other detail that left me saying “Huh?” was that at the beginning of the film we see a disclaimer that no special effects were used; in the credits, there’s a huge chunk of names listed beneath the heading “Digital Effects.”

The film was shown by the Saratoga Film Forum, which has a different movie most weeks throughout the year. The organization also hosts an annual black-tie Oscar Gala that we’re considering attending.

Yesterday following a delicious brunch at Beverly’s, we begun an afternoon of more fun. Before Shannon and Mike left town, we hit a couple local pubs. After they left, Jen and I had dinner at The Original Saratoga Springs Brew Pub before hitting a wine reception that kicked off Winterfest.

Today we look forward to the Saratoga Chowderfest ’04. Oh yes.

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