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Safe Haven

Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 · No Comments

Just thirty minutes east of our new home is one of these. It’s a serval. And it rules. It didn’t seem to like new people, though, as the one we saw today hissed at me repeatedly from his run. Someone has one as a pet, and it was boarding at Safe Haven, a full-service boarding facility and farm. We were scoping it out for when Stella and Happy need a place to stay while we humans take trips.

Stella and Happy had never before seen so many exciting creatures in one place: A giant pig, a goat, horses, cats running free, guinea hens. They barely noticed the other dogs. They got a chance to run around one of the fenced-in areas of the farm, which, according to its owner, is much more exciting in the summer, when the pool is available for dog swimming, and the grounds are open for nature walks.

Safe Haven lives up to its name, and Stella and Happy gave it two paws up…or would that be four? Or eight?

(Photo courtesy of the Feline Conservation Center.)

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