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Bush Military Records

Saturday, February 14th, 2004 · No Comments

In recent weeks, Bush has finally begun to take the heat for some questionable service records during his time in the Texas National Guard in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Strangely, no one can remember where he was from May 1972 to May 1973 when he was supposed to be in Alabama. Funny that no one can vouch for the whereabouts of the then wild, partying, son-of-a-Congressman.

To counter the claims, Bush has ordered the release of a big stack of documents and has allowed reporters to browse through them in the White House. Here’s the part that cracks me up (my italics):

    Hundreds of pages of documents — many of them duplicates — detailed Bush’s service in the Guard from 1968 until 1973.

As if to make the records visually more substantial, someone blatantly made copies of the records and included them in the same stack — probably so that reports would say “hundreds.” Still, there’s no accounting for that year when Bush seemed to vanish from service.

Wherever Bush was during that year, it certainly wasn’t Vietnam, where Democratic front-runner John Kerry actually was. I can’t wait for this fall’s debate between Kerry and the self-proclaimed “War President.” Add Gen. Wes Clark to the equation as a possible VP, and Bush is toast.

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