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Whirlwind Day

Monday, February 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

Wake up around 6:30am, feeling energized. Call from someone with wrong number at 6:45am. Get up. Why the hell not?

Push-ups, sit-ups, shave, make espresso for Jen on her first day at new job (congratulations, baby!), make coffee (you can never have too much caffeine), be good house husband and see wife off to work.

10am meeting to discuss next contract project. Go to bank, post office (to check new P.O. box), grocery store, wine store, back home. Make lots of phone calls, power through the to-do list, prepare for afternoon phone interview. Do laundry somewhere in between everything else.

Have phone interview, begin working on changes to splash page (incorporate new link to GAC), update HTML version of resume. (Both sections now stripped of side navigation.)

Greet Jen with celebratory champagne, get ready for first time playing soccer in years and years. Head to Skidmore to play as sub on faculty intramural indoor soccer team. Get winded. Team won. Come home.

More champagne. CSI: Miami.

Now bed. Good night.

Oh yes, and farewell to Sex & the City. It’s been fun. Last night’s final episode felt like a satisfying conclusion (Phil has good synopsis). I will miss it, but still need to go back to enjoy seasons two and three and maybe even some of four. I can’t wait until June when new season of Six Feet Under returns.

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