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Clean Air

Wednesday, March 10th, 2004 · No Comments sent an email today that featured a cool surprise (see bold):

    Dear FRIEND,

    As you know, the campaign to defeat George Bush is heating up. As a resident of a so-called “swing” state, you’re in a unique position to help change the course of this election. There’s a lot at stake this year, but it’ll all come down to the voting decisions of a tiny percentage of the voters in your state.

    That’s why I’m hoping that you’ll join me in working with MoveOn PAC’s Take Back the White House project. If you sign on to their email list, you can get free bulletins that let you know how you can be effective. Sign up at:

    MoveOn PAC is an online group, 2 million members strong, that organizes citizens to work together to change the country this year. You’ll get emails that tell you how you can help win the election–distributing flyers, or talking to voters in your neighborhood about the issues, or holding house parties for John Kerry. Get involved now:

    Thanks! We all have different reasons to get involved, but we’re united in working to defeat President Bush and put the country on the right track. I thought you might want to see some of the reasons people gave for joining this campaign:

    -Only 3 states have not seen an increase in unemployment. Koretnee, OH
    -3 Bush-appointed members of the Supreme Court is frightening. Susan, CA
    -He lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq. Cheryl, GA
    -The ‘middle class’ are fast becoming the ‘working poor.’ Sandra, CA
    -I want to be able to breathe clean air. Gabe, NY
    -Our and our children’s future is being looted! Peg, NY
    -All people are family and deserve equality regardless of sexual orientation. Paul, MD
    -Everything he does benefits the wealthy at the expense of working people. Tereze, NY
    -Character matters. Paul, NY
    -He intends to end the social security and Medicare programs. Priscilla, MA
    -The Patriot Act deprives us of our civil rights. Eileen, CA
    -We need to protect the environment from large corporate interests. Rian, MI
    -I’m 60 years old and need a good job. Pat, OK
    -I love my country and I want it back. Judy, NM
    -We don’t need to be afraid all the time. A., HI
    -He took us to an unnecessary war. Rose, VA
    -We must do better for ALL children’s educations. Meggan, MI
    -My wife is a teacher and we can’t afford to vote for him. Ricardo, TX
    -Global warming is real and the Kyoto Protocol needs to be followed. Martha, VA
    -I’m unemployed, uninsured, we’re in an unnecessary war … and Bush is worried about GAY MARRIAGE! Susan, CA

Yup, I submitted that to MoveOn back at the beginning of the month when I signed the pledge to defeat Bush.

(Thanks to Dan, who’s recently revamped his site for a most excellent cause, for calling my quote in the email to my attention!)

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