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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

I’ve been exhausted lately. I started my new job last week and I forgot how much working takes out of you. It’s mentally draining. It’s hard to adjust to a new schedule, learn all about a new company and products, etc. I’ve been less motivated and able to stay on top of my personal email, for example, and just haven’t had the time to write much here — as much as I would like to write, and as much as I’ve had the opportunity to write over the past several months since I last had a full-time job.

I like having a job, mind you. It’s new and exciting and challenging. It just takes some time to re-adjust to the new schedule, I suppose.

Going away for the weekend after my first week of work contributed to the exhaustion, of course, since I feel as though I still haven’t really caught up on sleep.

Add to that a new computer running Windows XP that’s been giving me a two-day headache, and you’ll begin to understand why I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been really happy with the old Dell Dimension 550 I’ve had since about 2000 or so, but having so many out-of-the-box problems with the new Dimension 4600 and having to deal with Dell’s tech support so much lately has been pretty annoying.

It’s snowing again outside. This winter just won’t quit.

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