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Tar Car

Wednesday, April 7th, 2004 · No Comments

Leah Garchik in the SF Chronicle today: “Driving south toward the Bay Bridge on First Street on Monday afternoon, Peter A_nderson noticed major rubbernecking at a small black sports car apparently illegally parked beside an apartment house construction site. The car was ‘totally covered with wet, hot, stinking oil and grease,” said A_nderson, apparently as a lay expression of disapproval. Sometimes towing is an act of kindness.”

It’s cool that she used the tip from my dad, but she didn’t do the story justice. The way my dad conveyed this to me was much better and much funnier. Of course, a lifelong writer himself, my dad has the gift of storytelling and words that not everyone possesses.

Anyway, now it’s like father, like son. Back in 2002 when Jen, friends, and I bowled in a lane adjacent to Winona Ryder, Garchik wrote the following based on a tip from yours truly: “FINALLY: A TIC spy reports a sighting of someone who looked like Winona Ryder knocking down a couple of pins in the next lane at the Yerba Buena Bowling Center early Saturday night. A call to Ryder’s representative to confirm this wasn’t returned. If it wasn’t Winona, congratulations to someone else as pretty as she is; if it was you, Winona, keep your chin up, everybody bowls 55 at some time or other.”

For the record, it was Winona, not “someone who looked like Winona Ryder.”

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