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B2B Memories

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004 · No Comments

bay_to_breakers_2003.jpg Reading about this year’s Bay to Breakers, which was Sunday in San Francisco, definitely makes me homesick for SF and all the great times we had there. I especially love this photo (from last year’s B2B) of Ben, James, Enoch, and me. I miss partying regularly with you guys.

Reading the story about this year’s race makes me smile, though, especially the parts about the clueless people who watch and get stuck in the festivities:

SAN FRANCISCO / The city that knows how goes crazy for Breakers / Zaniness the order of the day for most in crosstown footrace

    “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I’m a hillbilly,” said Doug Bennett, who was having a great time. The couple had a champagne brunch and a bay cruise lined up Sunday, but started their day with an even truer San Francisco experience.

    Asked what a Bay to Breakers would look like in Crane, population 1,400, Doug Bennett said, “There’d be 16 people with Bibles in their hands telling you how bad you are.”

    If some people were surprised at the sight, others were simply clueless. Madelyn Rapp, 42, and Kenny Matte, 40, sat all morning in Matte’s car, which, because of all the runners and walkers, was blocked on Hayes Street.

    Rapp said she was sitting in the car because she needed to get to an important appointment. Matte said he was in the car because it was a silver 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240, and he didn’t want it scuffed by all humanity.

    “Do you have any idea when these people will be out of the way?” Rapp asked.

Note that not far from Crane, Missouri is someplace called Christian Stone. How apropos.

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