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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 · No Comments

Today Jen and I have begun packing to prepare to move into our 5th residence in as many years. This move marks the first into a house that will be ours, of course, so in many ways, it’s more significant than every other move we’ve done together to date. We’ve only packed about 10 boxes so far, but already I’m reminded of how exhausting this process can be. Something tells me we’ll be living in our next house for longer than we’ve lived in any previous place, though (Treasure Island holding the record so far at 3 years).

This is our last free weekend between now and when we close on the house, so hopefully we’ll make some good progress today and tomorrow.

This morning we went to another local bike shop, as I’m in the market for a new bike. I will likely get the Giant Boulder SE or the Giant Rincon. Then I will cruise about town and occasionally in the Adirondacks.

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